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Let's Collaborate!

We were invited on the Mark & Mandy show to share our story and process.

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Custom Rings

White gold split shank statement ring. Emerald cut aquamarine center stone. Aquamarine light blue-green hue.

Alternative Bride

A gemstone is a central element to most engagement rings. While diamonds are tradition, many people are steering away from diamonds and want a gemstone that embodies their unique taste.

Wedding Bands

We can create a unique wedding band designs to match any engagement ring. You can decide to match your engagement ring with an eternity band or choose something more understated by opting for gold bands.

Jewellery Redesign

The beauty of a custom ring is that it can reflect your personal style. Do you have outdated jewellery just sitting in a drawer? Let's look at it and redesign it into something you can wear everday, for any occasion!

"Janine de Dorigny creates unique world-class jewels"


"I’m so in love with my new rings! Sabrina is a true ‘gem” to work with"


"Working with Sabrina was seemless. She brought my vision to life!"


Custom Necklaces

From initial ideas andearly sketches to the finished product, there is a creative process that youwill always be involved in. The final custom made necklace will be an artisticrepresentation of your thoughts, feelings, and unique story — a piece to treasure forever.

Studio owner and jewelry designer,
Sabrina Melendez, designs every piece in collaboration with you to be everything that you want them to be. We truly relish in the process of creation, which is why our finished jewelry pieces are as intricate and beautiful as they are.

From initial ideas and early
sketches to the finished product, there is a creative process that you will always be involved in. The final custom made necklace will be an artistic representation of your thoughts, feelings, and unique story a piece to treasure forever.

Choose from a wide range of
materials, techniques, precious metals and stones to create the perfect necklace to suit the occasion. Custom name necklaces from our Toronto studio make for thoughtful and unique gifts for your significant other, friend, or family member.

Custom Earrings

When it comes to earrings, we know that individual taste can vary as widely as the styles of earrings that exist; which is why we take a synergetic approach to custom designs. Our customers have total design control, with our jewelry designer's insights and expertise.

We love our creative work and our pieces are among the top custom jewelry in Toronto. Our custom design earrings can be created with a wide variety of metals and stones to suit your taste. You can even add engravings to some designs.

If you want earrings that are as unique as you are, you need to think outside the box & create something unique to your story. Our studio specializes in offering our customers a collaborative jewellery design process that brings their aesthetic vision to life.

Custom Bracelets

Classically trained in Switzerland, Sabrina has dedicated her life to jewellery design and creation. With her unique background, involving growing up in eight different countries and moving between continents, she draws inspiration from the many cultures she has experienced.

Sabrina has a particular passion for crafting one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery. She enjoys working with unusual gemstones to
create pieces that look totally different and have their own distinctive sense of character. Her custom-made bracelets for men & women are sought-after for their unparalleled design and quality

The versatility that Sabrina uses in her design work ensures that she can bring many jewellery visions to life. She loves the chance to work with clients every step of the design process, from inspiration to finished piece. You won't find another artist who is as passionate about jewellery custom designs in Toronto.

The Process

Where do I start?

Book a meeting with Sabrina Melendez, our owner and founder. She has been classically trained in the art of jewelry design in Switzerland and has travelled worldwide, honing her craft.

What to bring?

Don't forget to bring your inspiration and tell us your story about your unique piece. Together, we'll work out a sketch and get a feel for the style and inspiration you have in mind.

Need Inspiration?

You can browse our selection of high-quality materials and some fine recycled jewelry from Canada to build on your design. We have everything from white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum; all of which come in 14k, 18k and 950pt.

Picking a gemstone

Next, let's make your piece truly sparkle. You can choose your precious stones from sapphires, diamonds, spinels and many more. Each gem has its traditional folklore and stylistic characteristics, which further adds interest and meaning to your piece. Ethical options available too.


Our custom services also allows you to further personalize your earrings with an engraving if you prefer. Depending on your piece, you can choose to have initials or even a memorable quote laser engraved on your jewelry for an extra touch of individuality.