Janine de Dorigny
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Unheated sapphires

natural & rare

In the market over 90% of sapphires are heat treated to enhance their color and clarity- not these!

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Bespoke stones

we source and have a personal collection of stones just for you.

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Custom design

Our speciality is to create custom jewellery. We see it as a magical collaboration with our customers. 

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Repurposing jewellery

We love to work with old pieces of jewellery, giving it new life when it would otherwise no longer be worn.

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Ethical Options

We require: optimal and equal working conditions, and environmental protection to the best of our ability.

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The boutique

Discover our signature jewellery collection. We create jewellery meant to inspire & empower it's wearer.

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Custom process

Find out about our custom process. What you can expect and how your inspirations come to life. 

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Behind the bench

Have a sneek peek at what goes on behind the scenes. Check out our workshop and how things get done.

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Find the perfect expression of your love. We promise our bands will last as long as your marriage

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"I Do!"

Everyone is unique, as are our engagement rings. Get inspired by our collection. Contact us for a custom engagement ring.

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Add some spice to your life! Set yourself apart by individualizing your outfit with one of our pieces.

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