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Our Specialty is Custom Design

Janine de Dorigny specializes in custom jewellery creations that are crafted with love and vision. We provide an array of jewellery for both men and women that can be worn every day or selected specifically for a special occasion.

As purveyors of the most exclusive materials, we also offer high-quality stand-alone gemstones for collectors and provide a full custom jewellery creation service for clients wishing to own a personally designed and selected piece.

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About Janine de Dorigny

Janine de Dorigny was founded in 2011 by jewellery designer Sabrina A Melendez.

Melendez started Janine de Dorigny due to her desire to create stunning pieces that empower the wearer and connect them to the feelings of love and passion that went into the item's creation. Each piece is designed and hand-crafted in a workshop in Toronto, ensuring that the jewellery is rooted in the vibrant city that first gave birth to the company.

The brand's name itself originates from Melendez's family and represents a focus on personal resilience and love, which was passed down through the generations. Janine is Melendez's grandmother -- an elegant woman who persevered through hardship and showed her descendants how to thrive. Dorigny is the name of the town in Switzerland where Melendez's mother and aunt were raised. The name is a constant reminder of the generations of women who followed their hearts and supported one another, just as the Janine de Dorigny brand strives to do with each original jewellery piece.

The Studio

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Crafted With Love

Sabrina A Melendez treasures the process of bringing to life a creative vision and is actively involved in every stage of its creation. From sourcing gemstones and materials to finalising the design and then finishing the item, Janine de Dorigny is a jewellery brand that seeks to maintain the highest standards and ethics -- all while forging unique and original pieces that the wearer can treasure for decades to come.

Melendez infuses each of her custom jewellery creations with the same love, attention and resilience that she witnessed her own family display over the years. Each time that a client wears a Janine de Dorigny piece, we hope that they are reminded of these important values.