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Me, Sabrina

My name is Sabrina A. Melendez, I am the founder of Janine de Dorigny Jewellery. I have 13 years of experience in the jewellery industry and have been classically trained in Switzerland. When people ask me where I’m from I have trouble answering. That is because my background and history is tied to so many places.

My mother is Swiss and my father is Peruvian and I was born in the Bahamas. I grew up in 8 different countries, mostly in the Caribbean, from which I draw a great deal of inspiration. However, my artistic journey only began when I was awarded a full scholarship to attend an art program in Miami.

After completing the art program, I moved on to receive a Bachelor’s degree from New York University. Then, I moved to Geneva, Switzerland and completed a 4 year apprenticeship in high jewellery fabrication from which I received a CFC technical diploma. Upon graduating I decided to move to Toronto, Canada. 

The reason I chose Toronto was because I believed that CAD (Computer Aided Design) was paramount to becoming a highly skilled jeweller. Having no ties to Toronto, I packed my things in 2010 and moved...

My Brand

Pronounced (Do-Ri-Nee) was established in 2011 when I arrived in Toronto.

For many years I have expanded my skills to include stone setting in addition to everything I learned during my 4 year apprenticeship. Which allows me to service local jewellers and also work on my own private collection, which you can see here on this website.

The name of my company stems from a personal story of family, overcoming hardship, and the love that ties us together. 

Janine was my grandmother, a woman of great beauty and elegance. She also suffered greatly during her lifetime, but persevered through it all, and in turn inspired a long line of women in our family to stick together and always support one another. 

Dorigny is the place in Switzerland where my mother and aunt were raised. This is the story of a journey that created strong ties. A story filled to the brim with LOVE and ultimately led us right here.

My Mission

It all starts in my workshop! I take care to infuse: love, mindfulness and a warrior’s spirit. A little magic goes a long way and I try very hard to pass this along in the essence of my jewellery.

I care tremendously about the future and I think sustainability is paramount. At Janine De Dorigny my mantra is to relish the journey. 

Don’t get me wrong, we all love the end result, and I am proud of what I make, but what sets my jewellery apart is that I truly care about the process. 

I invite and thrive on new challenges. This explains why I focus on one-of-a-kind pieces and on custom design. Each piece is completely new and there is no rule book to follow.

Each product is engineered after much deliberation and thoughtfulness. The finished product, and the journey to achieve it become the reward.

Consequently my passion to be involved in every part of the process stems from a deep seated belief that sustainability is essential. It permeates all of our relationships and all that we do. From the people I work with, to the products and chemicals I use, to the time and effort I put into each of my pieces. Sustainability is the core focus during each of those phases.

My brand exists to create jewellery that empowers. Becoming the best custom jewellery in Toronto is only partially the mission, the other half is to provide the city with truly unique and handmade, high quality, jewellery.

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