About JdeD

At Janine de Dorigny, we offer a unique collection of every day wear, bridal jewellery and custom design.

JdeD is committed to sustainability and localized production. We try our best to work with ethically sourced materials, recycled metals and naturally obtained materials in accordance with environmental preservation. Our jewellery fabrication is based in Toronto. Almost everything is made with Sabrina's very own hands in her Toronto studio.

Sabrina, the creative mind behind the brand, has a background in Fine Arts from New York University and right after completed a 4-year high-jewellery apprenticeship in Geneva, Switzerland. She then worked for other jewellers before starting her own business in 2012.

Janine was a fantastic woman. A woman ahead of her time, with flawless elegance, taste and humor. Janine is Sabrina's grandmother and she will never be forgotten.

Dorigny is a place in Switzerland that Sabrina often heard about when her mother recounted her childhood memories of exploring the woods and tormenting her little sister!

Every piece of jewellery is personal, just like our story! Our mantra is to relish the journey and our mission is to empower people with the jewellery we create.