Tangerine quartz talisman

Tangerine quartz talisman


Made of tangerine quartz, maple burl & a silver snake chain.

This pendant is a one-of-a kind piece, but can be re-made to a similar semblance.

About tangerine quartz

"Tangerine quartz Points exhibit an energy that creates an understanding of the events that effect us in our lives. It supports balance and helps to "Put the Past in the Past". Carrying tangerine quartz can help you get past the apparent "chaos" of the world, allowing you to recognize instead the underlying order inherent in the universe. This in turn, can raise your vibration to a more positive one, and make your interactions with others more enjoyable and productive."

About maple burl:

Scientific name: Acer saccharum

Provenance: Eastern United States.

Sustainability: This wood species is not listed in the CITES Appendices or on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

FYI: In tree form, Hard Maple is usually referred to as Sugar Maple, and is the tree most often tapped for maple syrup.