Purple Rain Spinel Ring

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Purple Rain Spinel Ring

Stylish, but effortless — the Purple Rain Spinel ring is one of our best selling pieces, made to last forever. This is a delicate ring design of the highest quality. Our white gold band doesn't tarnish or dull, complementing the purple spinel stone's brilliance and depth.

The Purple Rain Spinel Ring is designed for women who appreciate their accessories understated and elegant. This woman doesn't blend into the crowd and she knows her own mind.

She likes to make a statement, but she's secure enough that she doesn't need to be the centre of attention at all times. Some say she’s quirky — but she’s definitely confident in her own skin.

This ring design looks good on its own but is equally at home when paired with other jewellery. A versatile choice, it suits both daytime and nighttime looks.

The Perfect Gift or Engagement Ring

Planning a proposal? We understand the pressure of searching for the perfect engagement ring for your significant other.

At Janine de Doringy, we're here to guide you through the seemingly endless options. Before settling on a style, you should consider your loved one's personality and values. You may find it helpful to consult with one of her closest friends for a second opinion.

Gemstones have always carried deep meaning in many cultures. While diamond engagement rings may be the most conventional, not every bride sticks to tradition.

The spinel gemstone is for the modern woman who marches to the beat of her own drum. It symbolizes hope, revitalization, and finding the joy of inspiration.

The Purple Rain Spinel Ring makes an excellent, unique engagement ring that stands out from the crowd, just like your significant other. This one-of-a-kind piece is not only unusual because of its rich, striking colour — it also avoids the ethical problems that plague the diamond industry.

If your loved one is conscientious of the deep-seated issues that accompany the diamond trade, she'll be sure to prefer an alternative stone. Spinel is a distinct, charming choice.

Why Choose A Spinel Gemstone?

Spinels are gemstones that come in a variety of rich colours from deep red, orange, yellow, pink, black, and this sophisticated purple.

Although it's not as well-known as other precious stones like diamonds, rubies, or sapphires, spinel has been used as a token of love and passion since ancient Rome. Traditionally, spinel symbolizes selfless love, making it a meaningful choice for an engagement ring alternative to diamonds. Each ring is also forged with consideration of the environment, handmade in Toronto.

Taking Care of Spinel

Spinel is a durable gemstone that ranks 8.0 on the Mohs scale, making it suitable for daily wear.

When storing spinel jewellery, we suggest keeping it separate from other pieces — as it can get scratched by harder stones, such as diamonds or sapphires. When it's time for maintenance, you should clean your spinel pieces carefully. You may use warm water and a gentle soap and dry softly before wearing it again.

Why Choose Janine de Doringy?

Reason One

Each piece is handmade by an artisan with skill and passion, ensuring the best quality fine jewellery.

Reason Two

The jewellery business has an ugly side. We will be straight with you — many jewellery companies claim their stones are ethically sourced, but this is far too often a marketing scheme. In all honesty, it is very difficult to pinpoint where a stone comes from exactly.

We would rather be upfront about this. What we do to offset this possibility is to “control” the manufacturing process of the ring. Everything is created locally in Toronto, in fair conditions and we create beautiful jewellery you can feel good wearing.

Reason Three

We offer personalized services to ensure you're going home with a jewellery piece you'll cherish forever.

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Contact Janine de Doringy by phone or email to discuss this beautiful piece. We invite you to make an appointment to visit our Toronto custom design jewellery studio for a closer look and personalized service.

If you're still in the early stages of your search for the perfect engagement ring, get in touch with Sabrina and she'll help you make the right choice!