Where Can I Get a Custom Ring Made?

Looking for Toronto-based custom jewellers to design the perfect engagement ring? Our custom rings are designed and crafted at our downtown studio at Made You Look.

Our Specialty is Custom Design

Janine de Dorigny specializes in custom jewellery creations that are crafted with love and vision. We provide an array of jewellery for both men and women that can be worn every day or selected specifically for a special occasion. Our bridal collection includes engagement rings and wedding bands, as well as a compilation of necklaces and earrings to complement the bride and her wedding party.

White gold split shank statement ring. Emerald cut aquamarine center stone. Aquamarine light blue-green hue.

Alternative Bride

A gemstone is a central element to most engagement rings. While diamonds are tradition, many people are steering away from diamonds and want a gemstone that embodies their unique taste.

Wedding Bands

We can create a unique wedding band designs to match any engagement ring. You can decide to match your engagement ring with an eternity band or choose something more understated by opting for gold bands.

Jewellery Redesign

The beauty of a custom ring is that it can reflect your personal style. Do you have outdated jewellery just sitting in a drawer? Let's look at it and redesign it into something you can wear everday, for any occasion!

"Janine de Dorigny creates unique world-class jewels"


"I’m so in love with my new rings! Sabrina is a true ‘gem” to work with"


"Working with Sabrina was seemless. She brought my vision to life!"


Unique as You

The beauty of a custom ring is that it can reflect your personal style. Think outside the box — create bespoke pieces with your choice of gemstones, set in a unique design.

Jewellery Remade

Our studio breathes new life into old jewelry so that you can enjoy them in your current style.

Recycled Design

Whether you have family heirlooms or looking to update your collection with your fresh taste, our studio has you covered.

Sustainable Options

We like to think of fine jewelry as an everyday, wearable art piece. Your jewellery deserves to be loved & worn.

Where do I start?

Book a meeting with Sabrina Melendez, our owner and founder. She has been classically trained in the art of jewelry design in Switzerland and has travelled worldwide, honing her craft.

What to bring?

Don't forget to bring your inspiration and tell us your story about your unique piece. Together, we'll work out a sketch and get a feel for the style and inspiration you have in mind.

Need Inspiration?

You can browse our selection of high-quality materials and some fine recycled jewelry from Canada to build on your design. We have everything from white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum; all of which come in 14k, 18k and 950pt.

Picking a gemstone

Next, let's make your piece truly sparkle. You can choose your precious stones from sapphires, diamonds, spinels and many more. Each gem has its traditional folklore and stylistic characteristics, which further adds interest and meaning to your piece. Ethical options available too.


Our custom services also allows you to further personalize your earrings with an engraving if you prefer. Depending on your piece, you can choose to have initials or even a memorable quote laser engraved on your jewelry for an extra touch of individuality.

About JdD

Janine de Dorigny was founded in 2011 by jewellery designer Sabrina A Melendez. The child of Swiss and Peruvian parents, Melendez grew up in over countries and studied in Miami and NYC. After university, Melendez pursued her creative ambitions during a four-year apprenticeship in high jewellery fabrication before ending up in the vibrant, creative scene of downtown Toronto.

Jewellery that Inspires!

Melendez started Janine de Dorigny due to her desire to create stunning pieces that empower the wearer and connect them to the feelings of love and passion that went into the item's creation. Each piece is designed and hand-crafted in a workshop in Toronto, ensuring that the jewellery is rooted in the vibrant city that first gave birth to the company.

Who's Janine?

The brand's name itself originates from Melendez's family and represents a focus on personal resilience and love, which was passed down through the generations. Janine is Sabrina's grandmother; an elegant woman who persevered through hardship and showed her descendants how to thrive. Dorigny is the name of the town in Switzerland where Melendez's mother and aunt were raised. The name is a constant reminder of the generations of women who followed their hearts and supported one another, just as the Janine de Dorigny brand strives to do with each original jewellery piece.