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Custom Made Bracelets

Beautifully crafted by Janine de Dorigny, with owner Sabrina's creative input at every step of the process, each piece of custom jewellery is a collaborative work of art. Custom-made jewellery bracelets provide complete control of the finished product, from the overall design to the precious metals and stones that are used.

Sabrina Melendez creates custom-made jewellery bracelets of varied styles, working with those who commission them to create something completely unique.The art is in the process. The finished item is always beautiful, but it's the jewellery that represents a journey and an individual's thoughts and feelings. That's why custom jewellery bracelets are so popular.

The design process goes from initial sketches to the final assembly and setting of stones. Janine de Dorigny works with a wide variety of materials to create custom bracelets for any occasion. From elegant moonstone bracelets to sapphire bracelets in various colours, there are endless options for unique custom jewellery.

Custom Bracelets For Women

Add some text contentCustom bracelets for women make beautiful gifts, for both yourself or a loved one. Janine de Dorigny specializes in creating women's custom bracelets, using a wide variety of techniques and materials for a stunningly unique creation.

Working with owner Sabrina, from initial sketches through to the final design, you will see your vision come to life. The custom bracelets for women that are often requested are elegant, delicate and colourful.

We use natural, untreated stones for superior clarity and colour. Gold is a popular choice of metal (either white or yellow) and is often adorned with many stones in various colours. In recent years, rose gold has also been selected as a top choice for our custom women's jewellery.

Working collaboratively, we can take you from an initial idea through to the design of your dreams. Whilst we inspire, we leave the details to you.

Custom Bracelets For Men

Janine de Dorigny can design custom bracelets for men, using specialist techniques to design original jewellery for any occasion. Men often like custom jewellery using white gold, silver and wood. Angles and squares are typically requested for men's jewellery as well.

Brushed or hammered metals are popular choices and when stones are used, they're usually dark in colour. For us, we love the Mokume process -- which uses multiple metals to create a wood-like effect. We do not use heat-treated sapphires, like 90% of the market. Instead, our sapphires are untreated for natural colour and clarity. These can be added to any bracelet.

When designing custom bracelets for men, we are limited only by our imaginations. Though we know what previous clients have preferred and can help you with ideas and inspiration, we're designing this jewellery for you. Working with Sabrina, you’ll have opportunities for plenty of input from initial sketches to final designs. No two custom men's bracelets are the same.

Crafted With Love

Janine de Dorigny is a name chosen from a personal family story. It's a name that celebrates love, support and closeness. The meaning of the name is apparent in all that we do, with every item being crafted with love and the utmost care.

Owner Sabrina provides guidance throughout, taking your initial idea to a finished product that you can treasure. Custom jewellery can become a family heirloom, passed down through generations absorbing a story of its own.

Choosing your own precious metals, stones, materials and textures, you will work with Janine de Dorigny to create a piece of jewellery that is truly one of a kind. It will be a piece that contains emotions, feelings, memories, and the unique personalities of those that designed and created it.

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If you are interested in custom made jewellery bracelets, or would like to know more about the process, contact us for more information! We can also be found at Made You Look in Toronto.

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