Custom Design Process

1. Inquiry Form

We invite you to have a look at our custom options page checklist. We work in a variety of precious metals, a variety of stones and styles. Please fill out our inquiry form and provide any relevant photos or sketches in order for us to get started.

2. Sketches Deposit

3. Quote

Once a design has been chosen we will provide you with an accurate quote. Due to fluctuating gold prices, these quotes are valid for 2 weeks.

4. Computer-aided design

Interested in designing your own?

5. Fabrication & Deposit

Once our quote has been approved we require an additional 50% non-refundable deposit. The fabrication process starts with getting the CAD design prototyped. This provides us with a physical wax model of your piece

6. Casting

Your wax prototypes are then sent for casting. The wax model is placed on a tree inside a flask. Investment, which is a liquid that solidifies, is poured into the flask and left to harden. The flask is then put into an oven overnight to allow the wax model to melt and the hardened investment becomes the mold for the metal to be poured into. The art of casting is complicated and every metal must be poured at different temperatures.

7. Cleanup & assembly

At this stage the jewellery is expertly cleaned. When metal comes back from the casting process it is quite rough. Each piece is cleaned, assembled through soldering and laser welding and then polished to a matte or high polish.

8. Setting

The metal has been prepped and now it’s time to set the stones. Setting happens under a microscope. The metal is expertly cut away, using gravers and burs in order to accommodate the stones.

9. Ready to wear!

Once your masterpiece is finished, what started as an idea becomes a wearable work of art. At Janine de Dorigny we relish the journey of creating the jewellery that empowers you, Enjoy!

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Interested in designing your own?