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Custom Made Necklaces

Janine de Doringy is a custom jewelry store based in Toronto. We specialize in creating bespoke designs, using sustainable materials with high-quality craftsmanship. Each custom-designed necklace is as truly distinct and unique as its wearer.

Studio owner and jewelry designer, Sabrina Melendez, designs every piece in collaboration with you to be everything that you want them to be. We truly relish in the process of creation, which is why our finished jewelry pieces are as intricate and beautiful as they are.

From initial ideas and early sketches to the finished product, there is a creative process that you will always be involved in. The final custom made necklace will be an artistic representation of your thoughts, feelings, and unique story — a piece to treasure forever.

Choose from a wide range of materials, techniques, precious metals and stones to create the perfect necklace to suit the occasion — from graduation gifts, bridal shower mementos, anniversaries, or birthday presents.

Custom name necklaces from our Toronto studio make for thoughtful and unique gifts for your significant other, friend, or family member.

We only use high-quality materials — which may include gold, silver, wood and varied stones, including sapphire, topaz, moonstone and spinel — to name a few.

platinum slider pendant on platinum chain. White diamond center stone set in  clawless halo with black diamonds around.

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Custom Necklaces in Toronto, ON

Custom necklaces are a wonderful option for those who want their jewellery to reflect their personalities and style, from stunningly elegant couture jewellery to timeless bridal jewellery. Many custom necklaces become family heirlooms, passed down through generations and treasured through time.

Most precious stones used in Janine de Dorigny's custom necklaces are left untreated. While most sellers will use treated stones, we find they have the most stunning colour and clarity through this approach. Involved in every step of the process, you will see how your mind's vision is brought to life through Sabrina Melendez's expert craftsmanship.

Custom Necklaces For Him

A custom made necklace for him, whether it's designed by him or given as a surprise gift, will surely make its mark.

Designed and created by Janine de Dorigny, a custom men's necklace can be as unique as the man who will wear it.

Typically men opt for white gold, silver and other similar precious metals, often with squared edges and varied textures to bring the piece to life. The stones are usually dark in colour, such as black spinel or green sapphire.

In many pieces of men's jewelry, dark woods can be interesting design features. These can include African blackwood, mahogany or tulipwood. We can also provide inspiration with examples of existing pieces of custom men's jewelry. We work with you, from initial sketches to the final piece's assembly and setting.

Men can also choose custom matching necklaces, for a connection to a loved one — such as a romantic partner or relative. Janine de Dorigny has expert advice and craftsmanship in men's custom jewelry in Toronto.

Crafted With Love

A dedicated artist with years of experience, Sabrina named her studio Janine de Dorigny after her beloved grandmother and her family's place in Switzerland.

This custom jewelry studio in Toronto is a story built on love and companionship — and it's a story we share in every piece designed by Sabrina.

Sabrina collaborates with her clients from the initial sketches to the final product, allowing you to design jewellery that genuinely represents your unique story. Each custom necklace may also be crafted using a selection of your own jewelry pieces (such as heirlooms).

Using jewellery setting techniques from Switzerland and throughout her travels, Sabrina puts her heart and soul into every piece.

Bring your vision to life at our studio offering custom jewelry in Toronto. Each piece of jewelry is a work of art, crafted with passion and care and cherished forever.

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Do you have an idea for a unique gift for someone special or looking to update your fine jewellery collection?

Learn more about the process of jewellery custom designs in Toronto by reaching out to us today. We welcome visits to the Janine de Dorigny studio at Made You Look.

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